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On the morning of December 15th Arirang Institute's Seoul Bureau Chief, Michael Lammbrau, sat down to discuss the Korean folksong Arirang with the KTV weekly program, the Republic of Korea's Miracle DNA (대한민국 기적의 DNA) entitled,  Arirang: The Korean Peoples' Soul and Roots (한민족의 혼과 뿌리 '이리랑').  Please enjoy ^^

2016년 12월 15일에 우리 아리랑 인스티튜트의 서울지부장, 마이클 람브라우, 국민방송 프로그램 "대한민국 기적의 DNA"에서 한민족의 혼과 뿌리 이라랑이란 이피소드를 위해 아리랑에 대해 이야기를 나눴습니다. 즐겁게 보세요 ^^

Junju Culture Trip

The Arirang Institute, in collaboration with the Ham Company and Restaurant, on November 8th, embarked on a cultural experience program to the city of Junju.  We enjoyed a day focused on the culture which makes Junju famous for its natural and delicious traditional food. 

Pictured above in white and a white hat is President Ham of Ham Company and Restaurant; In blue is Program Director of Arirang Institute, John Lee

Traditional Korean food very healthy and delicious 

Just a bit of Makgeolli to get things started.

We departed Seoul by bus and upon arrival we enjoyed a wonderful traditional Korean lunch, followed by an introduction to the Ham Restaurant’s history.   We then worked together to make our very own Kimchi!!!! 

                                                                     Making Kimchi!!!!

                             Say Kimchi!

                         More Kimchi Making!!

                                            Hanging out at the Junju Traditional House Village

Special thanks to everyone who made the Culture Trip to Junju an unforgettable day!  Especially to the wonderful people at the Ham Company and Restaurant and of course President Ham! If you would like to get involved with Arirang Institute and join us on our next adventure please use the form below and register with us!


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Manners Make the Society

Manners Make the Society

On September 8, 2014, Arirang Institute's Seoul Bureau Chief, Michael Lammbrau, traveled to Kyungpook University to speak about the importance of culture for a future peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula.  

The event was hosted by Global Teachers' University (GNU) of Kyoongpook University, as part of their "TALK" series, aimed at cultivating engagement, interaction and debate on the current issue facing Korean Society and the world. 

우리가 '아리랑 인스티튜트' 활동을 하는 이유

우리가 '아리랑 인스티튜트' 활동을 하는 이유

'하면 된다'는 말을 우리는 믿는다. 내가 설립에 참여해 활동중인 '아리랑 인스티튜트 (Arirang Institute)'의 공식 웹사이트에 들어가면 인스티튜트의 사명을 소개하고 있다.독립적이고 비정치적인 비영리단체다. 관련 국가들간의 친선을 강화하고, 사람들과 진정한 관계를 형성하기 위해 학문적 환경에서 과학·교육·문화 교류를 적극 추진한다. '개인과 개인의 외교'를 믿는다. 간단히 말하면, 우리는 사람을 믿는다. 악수와 포옹을 믿는다. 우리는 인간관계를 믿는다. 이런 것을 믿기에 아리랑연구소를 세웠다.