Junju Culture Trip

The Arirang Institute, in collaboration with the Ham Company and Restaurant, on November 8th, embarked on a cultural experience program to the city of Junju.  We enjoyed a day focused on the culture which makes Junju famous for its natural and delicious traditional food. 

Pictured above in white and a white hat is President Ham of Ham Company and Restaurant; In blue is Program Director of Arirang Institute, John Lee

Traditional Korean food very healthy and delicious 

Just a bit of Makgeolli to get things started.

We departed Seoul by bus and upon arrival we enjoyed a wonderful traditional Korean lunch, followed by an introduction to the Ham Restaurant’s history.   We then worked together to make our very own Kimchi!!!! 

                                                                     Making Kimchi!!!!

                             Say Kimchi!

                         More Kimchi Making!!

                                            Hanging out at the Junju Traditional House Village

Special thanks to everyone who made the Culture Trip to Junju an unforgettable day!  Especially to the wonderful people at the Ham Company and Restaurant and of course President Ham! If you would like to get involved with Arirang Institute and join us on our next adventure please use the form below and register with us!


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