Manners Make the Society

On September 8, 2015, Arirang Institute's Seoul Bureau Chief, Michael Lammbrau, traveled to Kyungpook University to speak about the importance of culture for a future peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula.  

The event was hosted by Global Teachers' University (GTU) of Kyungpook University, as part of their "TALK" series, aimed at cultivating engagement, interaction and debate on the current issue facing Korean Society and the world. 


The TALK focused on the importance of culture in our everyday lives and the greater role of cultural understanding in an ever globalized world.  Mr. Lammbrau commented, 

"I never actually began to see Koreans, understand Koreans, until I began learning the Korean language.  Language learning is an essential part of humanizing and understanding another culture and people."

Students were surprised to hear about the current consumption and widespread popularity of Korean Dramas in North Korea, especially North Korea's preference of historical dramas or (사극 드라마).

The talk ended with a discussion of the power of social networks and an emphasis on our daily personal behavior and actions and their potential for positively influencing society.

Mr. Lammbrau closed stating,

"Manners not only make the man, but as we can clearly see they also make society."