Dr. Daniel Pinkston | Inspired by Courage: Talks on Leadership

Dr. Daniel Pinkston, former U.S. Air Force Korean linguist, long-time non-proliferation studies researcher, former North East Asia Deputy Director for the International Crisis Group, and current Professor on Yongsan Army Base, Seoul for Troy University shared, on April 6th, 2016 at the Wolfound Pub, his story.

Dr. Pinkston provided an interesting and valuable account of the journey of his life and career. A career born in the Cold War era, he discussed the incredible differences and similarities between the Cold War era and the current state of security affairs.  His love for language and pursuit of new solutions for the ever changing security environment has brought him to the forefront of his field, as both an expert and a voice of reason on the Korean Peninsula.

Photo Credit to Shuvra Mondal Photography.