Ms. Y.ZIN Kim | Inspired by Courage: Talks on Leadership

On May 11th, 2016 Ms. Y.ZIN KIM of Y.ZIN KIM Photography spoke to the students, guests, and members of Arirang Institute, on leadership, professionalism, and creating and making your story for success. 

Ms. Y.ZIN KIM is the first National Geographic diver underwater photographer in Korea. She utilized high quality underwater photography techniques to become the first well known commercial photographer for underwater techniques in Korea. 

Domestically, Y.ZIN KIM and the Y.ZIN Company work consists of posters, commercials for movies, soap operas, and magazines. Currently, she is preparing for an underwater cave documentary with NAT GEO WILD as the very first female side mount cave diver throughout Asia.  She is also appointed the Shark Savers Korean Leader and is working to launch the Shark Savers campaign in Korea. 

Thanks again to all those that made this event possible. Special thanks to Shuvra Mondval Photography for their work, Ms. Y.ZIN KIM and Y.ZIN KIM Photography for taking time out for their busy schedule to speak with us.