Mr. John Schuldt | Inspired by Courage: Talks on Leadership

On April 27th, 2016 Arirang Institute continued its Leadership Talks with its fifth speaker Mr. John Schuldt, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea. 

Mr. John Schuldt spoke about his life long career at the Ford Motor Company, spanning nearly three decades, and a journey around the world, with a large focus on East Asia. He spoke about the importance of putting in the time and effort to make a difference, and how personal relationships and family life played major roles in his decision making process to eventually becoming the Vice-President of Ford Motor Company Korea and now the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

With guidance from Ms. Stacey Trimble, who filled in for Mr. Matthew Fennell as the MC for the Leadership Talks, Mr. John Schuldt fielded questions from the audience regarding the tough realities small to medium size American businesses face in South Korea and the importance of punctuality for all those who work in the business world. 

Thanks again to Shuvra Mondal Photography for the fantastic photos!