Starting with Culture

        On February 9th, 2015 Graduate students from Sungshin Women’s University Graduate School of Cultural History held its annual Korean Cultural Experience.  Participants from Arirang Institute and Mulmangcho, “Dream Makers for North Korea”, participated in a day of Korean tradition and culture. The day started with a detailed guided tour of the new Sungshin University Museum of Natural History, highlighting the history of Korean tradition and culture.  It was followed by the creation and delightful consumption of Korean traditional cookies.   The day culminated in the preparation and practice of tea drinking traditions and the respectful art of bowing.  

Michael Lammbrau, Seoul Bureau Chief of Arirang Institute, commented,

“Arirang Institute was proud to take part in its first of many collaborative events with Mulmangcho, Dream Makers for North Korea. We believe in the importance of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships through a strong foundation of cultural understanding.  Today’s event is a small but important part of that mission.” 

Founder and Director of Mulmangcho, Professor Park, stated, “We are very thankful to Sungshin Women’s University students for the wonderful day they provided. Cultivating understanding through cultural exchanges is the first step to a brighter future for our young people.”